Thomas Dozol interviewed by Humberto Leon, photographed by Kathy Lo, February 2010

Thomas Dozol is a 34 year old photographer who lives in New York. Thomas, who is French, loves a baguette and cheese by day, and in the evenings you might catch him joining in to "We Are the World" at local karaoke spots. Thomas' photos are intimate no matter what the subject matter. He recently exhibited a series of photographs depicting friends in their personal bathroom settings as they are getting ready. If we are lucky, Thomas' exhibition will travel and be shown elsewhere. If not, only the lucky who got to see the show will have their memories to rely on. If you are a fan of speaking to someone fun, interesting, and above all intellectual, then Thomas is your man. Let me introduce you to a dear friend of mine, Thomas.

When did you first get your camera and what was it?
I started using my parents' camera when I was about 7.It was a Canon F1. It had a beautiful bent on the corner, from when my dad left it on the hood of the car and drove off.

What do you miss about France?
Not to sound cliché, but baguettes and cheese. It's just too expensive here to really enjoy

What is your favorite thing to do in New York?
Go to rooftop parties in the summer.

I know that you are a twin and i'm really jealous, I've always wanted a twin. What are some pro's and con's?
The mega pro is that from the day you're born, you already have your best friend for life. Not to make you more jealous, but there really aren't many cons… You just did an incredible series of photos based on bathroom routines, what is yours?
Usually, brushing my teeth is about it. But I did have a big hair phase. I was really into slick hair, mad men style. But I finished the can of that super cool grease I got in London, and that was the end of me looking good.

You have a very calming and soothing personality, is there anything that makes you want to scream and yell?
People that walk up half a block to steal your taxi. It's actually the first time I punched someone in new york. The guy was shameless and pretending not to hear. I really got him by surprise, because, you know, I look so nice.

Are you a Polaroid (I know now defunct, but instant photos) fan?
I looove Polaroid, almost too much! When I use it to test a shot, I voluntarily fuck up the frame a little bit. Otherwise, I'm always disappointed when I process my film. The colors are so saturated and the black is so deep, film never looks as good as Polaroid in my opinion. Actually, I like the instant Fujifilm even better than Polaroid.

What is your favorite color and why?
Blue for sure. Maybe because I was born by the sea? It just makes me happy.

You have these staple sneakers (brand will remain nameless), what are staple dress shoes for you if you had to choose one?
I love Margiela dress shoes. I had the best brown leather pair, ever. And I lost them one drunken summer night… don't ask me how.

I know you generally don't karaoke, but if you woke up one morning feeling the urge, what song would it be?
Karaoke just paralyses me. My trick in theater school, with all these actors that loved to sing, was to always jump in on We are the World and stick to the chorus. I only sing along, far from the mike, but I am very good at waving my arms in the air!

Do you have a movie that you can watch over and over again?
Le Mepris By Jean Luc Godard.

What is your favorite American slang word?
To get a chubby.